Bruno’s Garden

Cafe Bruno’s Garden

The graphic concept is based on a stylized image of a coffee cup, which is simultaneously the letter “U”, as well as concise typography and contrasting color combinations. Branded graphics, developed on the basis of clear geometry, decorates any planes well.

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Russia, Domodedovo Airport
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High—quality coffee is associated with Italian culture, so the Italian name (“Bruno” – translated from Italian “brown”) works well for the positive image of the cafe, and also sounds bright and can work as a proper name. “Where did you get the coffee?” — “at Bruno’s.”

The second part of the name symbolizes an island of tranquility and comfort in the busy and hurried world of the airport (the cafe is located at Domodedovo airport). The name works especially well in conjunction with the idea of rich landscaping of the cafe inside. There is also a bunch of “garden is art, coffee is also art.”

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