IT Services

Group of IT companies: AyTi Liga, IT Liga, Coding Liga

The concept is based on the idea of creating a modular brand, where each company is engaged in its own activities, but retains the stylistic commonality of the entire group. All logotypes are formed using two geometric shapes (a rectangle and an arrow) – such a modular solution emphasizes the variability of the activities of the group of companies. AyTi Liga – a stylized element of the terminal input line (management), IT Liga – a stylized arrow (problem solving, moving forward), Coding Liga – a stylized element of program code (software development).

Logotype — Identity — Print design
Russia, Moscow

At the heart of the concept of documentation and information materials are branded large graphics (based on the plastic of logotype) and corporate pattern. The common style for all companies is a system for building a logotype, typefaces and a pattern. Differentiation occurs due to color and large graphics.

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