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The concept of the booklet is based on the square proportions of the strip, delicate abstract graphics, tactilely pleasant eco-paper from recycled raw materials, as well as a laconic composition of font blocks that conveys the premium image of the publication.

Print design — Infographic
Russia, Moscow
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The cover consists of three layers of cardboard, the upper and lower layers are cut, and the middle layer of the branded lime color is visible in the resulting space. The logotype is applied using the technology of blind embossing.

On the title page of the section, each subsection has its own characteristic image, consisting of a variety of geometric shapes. On the internal turns of the subsections, this symbol in various modifications serves as an illustration.

Inserts from tracing paper contain a variety of statistical information.

The booklet uses G.F Smith Extract Eco Flint paper, a designer paper inspired by nature itself and made using advanced technologies from recycled raw materials. This collection is the result of cooperation between the consumer, the processor and the manufacturer: the combination of knowledge in the field of chemistry and design allowed us to develop a technology for processing used disposable paper cups into paper.

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